Company KOCOM CO., LTD.
Telephone ☎ +82-2-6675-2114
Fax ☎ +82-2-6675-2000
Address , KOCOM Bldg, 260-7, Yeomchang-dong, Gangseo-gu SEOUL, Korea
Selling Category [K_070203020100] Firewall Network Security Equipment

Since established as ‘Korea Telecommunication’ in 1976, KOCOM Co. Ltd. has enhanced its brand power in the domestic and global markets, including USA, Europe, Latin America, Japan and China, by exporting relevant products to digital imaging and communication network technologies. Founding the company’s research institute in 1992, KOCOM successfully developed compact videophone first in Korea. KOCOM acquired ISO9001, ISO14001 and K-OHSMS18001 first in Korea as well as obtained 100PPM authentication for finished videophone products. KOCOM also held a variety of industrial property rights including 33 patents, 105 utility models, 80 registered designs and 104 trademarks. With the unmatched technological superiority, KOCOM leads the domestic market in home automation and videophone businesses. Seeing the company’s development of colored digital CCTV, digital camera essential to establish next-generation multimedia environment, and the PC camera and USB camera for video communication maniacs, global markets have already acknowledged the company’s technological power in digital imaging areas. By proactively pushing for intelligent home network project that will be a major business category to lead the national economic growth in the next generation, KOCOM presents more convenient and safer digital home. With pride to its brands, in addition, KOCOM make sure to satisfy customers’ needs.